Romance in the Cloud

Those sensational sunsets where the whole sky is filled with red and yellow are the ones that grab everyones attention, are nice. But more and more I have begun to notice how much I prefer photographing the sunsets that are filled with soft pinks and blues, they feel quieter, more reflective and peaceful in images. Why do I prefer these, I am not sure, maybe it is just a phase that will move on.

On the way to pick up dinner yesterday, we made the most of the earlier sunsets of winter and stopped off at the new viewing platform (commonly called the cloud) on the Marine Parade in Napier. The sunset was definitely one of the later type, with the soft colours and light giving the world a very romantic feel or maybe that was just because I was out with my girl. As the chill of night descended and the belt of venus rising in the east, a couple wandered onto the platform to enjoy the view. The scene was too picture perfect to pass up, especially with the soft light illuminating the lattice work so gently.

The softness of the image was something I wanted to build on, so I set the camera on a my tripod so I could lengthen the exposure and allow the passing of time to remove the last details from the sky. I decided on a lower camera position to make the most of the detail in the lattice work and to use the leading lines of the platform to draw the viewers eye to the couple.

While I was setting up the camera, another keen photographer (from Australia who was studying photography) asked why I had chosen to use a tripod and an ND filter for this image as they hadn't tried long exposure yet. We had a good chat for a moment or two, it's always interesting to exchange ideas with others. If you ever see us out and about, say hi.

The post processing was done with a combination of Nik's Color efex pro (with the glamour glow filter to make the image feel even softer) and Silver Efex Pro 2 to do the black and white conversion, combined in Photoshop, and then toned in Lightroom.

I am really happy with the image and a great use of the 20 minutes or so it took to capture the image.