A long weekend at Castlepoint

Castlepoint is a beautiful place to visit, but not for pretty gardens or a great night life. This is rugged New Zealand, where the forces of nature have left there marks on the landscape. Between the power of the ocean and the wind, this place can vary from the serene beautiful holiday spot with great beaches for swimming, to howling gales, driving rain and huge sea swells.

With Kelly's birthday coinciding with labour weekend (the first public holiday for five months), we decided along with a few friends to head to Castlepoint for 4 days. Spring in New Zealand is usually a mixed bag where the weather is concerned which is ideal for photography, and Labour weekend was no exception. In this case the mixed bag included pounding seas, massive waves, wind, rain, beautiful sunshine, cloudy days and one amazing sunrise.

But I am getting ahead of myself, the bach we rented was perfect for the five of us, and with the shopping done before we left home, we were all set. The trip up however was full of rain and wind as a storm front cleared. We thought we might be able to make it to the bach before sunset but in the end there really wasn't a sunset to speak of. But with 3 full days to enjoy, one failed sunset was not a big deal. By the time the others had arrived it was well and truly dark, time for a bit of relaxing and prep for sunrise. A bit of a theme for the rest of the weekend.

Most morning's we would be heading off to photograph sunrise around 5am, then spend the early morning looking for interesting images. We would get back around 9am for breakfast, maybe a snooze or just chat then prep for sunset around 3ish, is there a better way to spend a weekend.

We had to wait for the best sunrise though. As so often happens it was the last morning, when the temptation to stay in bed is the strongest. When the lack luster sunrise's of the previous two days have whittled away at your belief that the sunrise will live up to expectations. We woke up to a dark sky with just a hint of red in the sky. Finally I might be able to get the image I had hoped for. Back when we had been considering the trip I had seen a few images from one particular angle that I thought with the angle of the rising sun, might make a really interesting image. So with the tripod set up I waited with hope that the sunrise would continue to build and not fizzle out as it can often do. What happened next was amazing, the sky lit up in blues and red's, oranges and pinks the perfect mix of colours. The final image is the one below. As Ben Horne often says, when things come together perfectly like this, there is only one phrase that comes to mind... thank you!

Blue and Pink v3Castlepoint Lighthouse, Wairarapa