Reality versus Interpretation

Music is a profound mystery, as a creative artist I feel that if I know what I am doing, I am probably not doing not doing my job, I like to always be just outside of my comfort zone, asking new questions, exploring new territory, trying new things, occasionally discovering new sounds

John Luther Adams

As artists are we here to tell the literal truth, is that even possible, or are we here to tell our truth, the story we felt, the people we meet and the places we go. To capture how we felt about a place and try and express that through the images we share. But to do this, to try and get better communicating it, to keep it fresh and growing we need to keep growing, learning and trying new things. This is not something unique to photographers, it's something all creatives share and we can learn as much from a guitarist as we can from a photographer about it. We are all enjoying, struggling and walking through the creative process. Sometimes we suck and sometimes we get it right, there are no guarantees except if you don't try then it wont work.

I have been watching and enjoying the video below about creatives and the process the journey they go on to record the music we all enjoy. They struggle with the same issues and insecurities but could you imagine a world without music, or a place where people all produce the same stuff because no one wants to take a risk, without artists? A world where people don't invest their emotions in their creations because they fear rejection. It is because of this bravery we have a world full of colour....

If a person is fortunate enough to find the thing that they really enjoy doing, the thing that feels natural to them, it can turn into something that you can master, but to actually have something new, fresh and unique arise from within you, it creates an opening for an emotional investment in your work 

Steve Vai

I think what Steve Vai has said above, it is a gift to find what you truly enjoy. Because we really enjoy it we then invest in that gift, the time that is needed to master it, it's easier because we perceive it as rewarding an fun. But mastery is not the sole aim, when you feel that moment when something rises in you, a feeling or emotion and you invest that into whatever it is you are creating, it opens a whole new level.

For me the greatest pleasure I have in photography is those rare moments when you see the image you want to create in your mind. Even before you capture the exposures with the camera, you know where you are going with the image. You can see the issues, the things you need to be careful of and the steps you need to do to avoid them. Then in post you complete the image and as it comes together you feel a deep satisfaction, a pleasure that lasts and lasts.

The image at the top of the post is one of these images for me, I knew what I wanted to capture and how I wanted the image to look. This image is also one where I was exploring an area I have been exploring a while where the image is captured from the elements available. Does it look like it was captured in one shot, yes, but it wasn't, it's my interpretation of what I saw in front of me, 3 or 4 exposures blended together. It was risky, not seeing the final image at the point of capture means you have to trust yourself the plan will come. Each element, the ship, the water, the sky and the foreground all needed there own perfect timing and exposure time. But with new ground, with risk, with inspiration, with timing this is a formula which can bring some beautiful results I hope you enjoy the image half as much as I do. Enjoy the video as well.