Sarjeant Gallery - Wanganui

Sarjeant GalleryWanganui

Yesterday Kelly and I went for a walk in the late afternoon light. Our chosen subject, the buildings in the lower part of the CBD in Wanganui. Joining us was our good friends Les and Anneka. The dramatic skies, the golden light and the atmosphere of the afternoon made for a great walk.

But the best part of the walk was saved for last. As the last rays of sunshine from the setting sun peered through the clouds, we drove up to the grounds of the Sarjeant Gallery. While the others went in one direction I went over to look at a set of bells, and that is when I turned around to see the image at the top of the post. I liked the way the sunlight grazed across the building, showing the detail and texture. 

That's what I love about photography, the unexpected surprises and the chance to see familiar sights in a new way and share those experiences with friends.  

Below is the same image in colour, though at this stage I am not sure which one I like better. Which one do you prefer?

Sarjeant GalleryWanganui