Misty Morning Sunrise - Parapara Ranges

Misty SunriseParapara Ranges

Landscape photography is as much about the light and weather as it is about the landscape itself. In fact an average landscape scene can be transformed into a stunning vista in the right conditions. So many times however, like fishermen, the tale of the one that got away is left on our lips. Why, because that amazing light, those perfect conditions, they are just an inch away from average light and disappointment. It is rare, which is part of its attractiveness.

On this particular trip Les and I had seen the forecast for mist and fog on the news the night before. Fog and mist can be really great at adding mood to the landscape. Les's first thought was to head up to the lookout over the Wanganui River, but when we got there the only view we saw was of thick grey fog rolling up the river valley. Not to be deterred Les had a backup plan, so we decided to head further into the Parapara Ranges till we climbed above the fog.

In the end we found the view above, the golden light of dawn beginning to slice its way through the blue of the pre-dawn sky. The fog transforming the landscape as it ebbed and flowed, with the highest levels of it being lit up by the colours of dawn. It was one of the moments as Ansel Adams is quoted as saying “ I get to places just when God is ready to have someone click the shutter!”.

Both Les and I hoped that the sun would light up the clouds above, our camera's primed, compositions ready. In the end that was denied as the mist rolled over us obscuring our view but in the end I think I like the subtleness of this image. The way the colours interact with each other and the landscape. It was one of those moments that makes it all worthwhile, where you realise how fortunate you are just to get a chance to see it. One of those times, that thank you seems the only appropriate phrase to say.