Owhiro Bay

Owhiro BayWellington

For the last morning of our trip to Kapiti coast and Wellington, Les and I decided to head for Owhiro Bay near the Red Rocks Reserve. All throughout the weekend the south coast of Wellington had paid dividends, so this looked like a great option. But despite a beautiful colourful display to the east when we arrived, the sky never really lit up.

A useful thing to remember is to photograph what catches your eye, intrigues or surprises you. All weekend the sight of the Kaikora Ranges just across Cook Strait had amazed me. On this morning they were lit up beautifully with the golden sunshine we had hoped for. Then after searching along the coast I found these two fingers of rocks reaching out to the ranges in the distance. What a beautiful way to enjoy a start to the day, watching the powerful waves surge up into rocks, smashing themselves onto the jagged peaks. The chaos and tranquility merging into a spectacular morning. I must have sat on those rocks for half an hour waiting, hoping for some beautiful light and radiant colours. Even though it never came, It was worth every minute. Another great location found, another composition to refine and perfect, another great memory to enjoy. We are so lucky in New Zealand. 

In the end, with the absence of dramatic colour, the main subject of the image was the waves and the interaction with the land that captured me. I deliberately chose a shutter speed that would show the motion, to highlight this.The low overhanging cloud made the light pool on the rocks, hiding the hills further along. This light pooling, in my opinion, helps to keep the viewers attention on the rocks and the lines they create. Through these lines, the eye can be drawn back and forth, from the rocks I was sitting on, across Cook Strait to the Kaikora's on the other side.

What a beautiful place, I look forward to making more from this spot in the future. Where ever you go this weekend, I wish you good light, full batteries and enough room on your memory card to fit the images you see.