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2017 - Review

It's hard to believe another year has passed. 2017 was a fun, sometimes frenetic, often busy year. With its passing, there is now a chance to take a moment over the break reflect, to look back at the year that has been. Why do we feel the need to do this, maybe it's all the review programmes on TV, or it's the same urge that drives people to make resolutions on New Years eve, I'm not really sure. But it is a tradition I have developed over the last four or five years. Reviewing the images I have captured over the year, looking at what I have enjoyed, what has worked well, and what I can learn going forward? 

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An Hour To Sunrise - May 2017

Its that time of the month again, time to share with you the latest edition of our ezine, this time covering images captured in May. With winter nearing, people are heading indoors more and more, but that doesn't mean it isn't beautiful outside. So it's time to get out the thermals, the warm jackets and hats and enjoy the transformation that winter brings.

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An Hour Till Sunrise - April 2017

It's that time of the month again, time for another edition of our zine. After a month off while we moved house, April turned out to be an amazing month. The dramatic weather we have had this year continued. With two cyclones followed by a period of calm clear warmish weather, it was certainly an interesting time. Later in the month I manage to tick off an image I have been keen to get for the last two or three years, and that image became my most popular one on YouPic with over 10,000 views and over 250 likes, it even made the top 10 images on YouPic for that day.

Once again, this ezine looks best when you view it in full screen mode, so make sure you click on the full screen button.

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An Hour Till Sunrise - February 2017

Time for the latest edition of our ezine to be released. February was a month of contrasts, high speed fighter jets and long hot summer days, summer haze and torrential downpours.

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An Hour Till Sunrise Ezine - January 2017

Today we are trying something a little different. Welcome to our new Ezine, a new idea which we hope will evolve into a monthly review of the images we have created in the past month. A chance to tell the story of our images from a slightly different perspective. This issue covers the images captured in January, a month of summery weather and long holidays for those of us fortunate enough to live in the southern hemisphere.

So why have we named it an hour before sunrise? This ezine focus's on our landscape images and for me, my favorite time to capture landscape images, is when the day has barely begun, in that magic time as the dawn begins to fill the landscape with light and the world wakes from its sleep. Unlike sunset, sunrise is a time of mystery and surprise, where the rising of the sun bursts on to the scene, transforming the world as it rises.

When viewing the zine, make sure you take advantage of the space your monitor provides by clicking on the full screen option.

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