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Nerdwriter: Ansel Adams

I have followed the Evan (who goes by the nickname Nerdwriter) on YouTube for the last year or so and have really enjoyed his take on quite a range of subjects. In his own words he does "a vlog every Wednesday on things that caught my eye that week. I have to confess up front: it's all a shameless ploy to get readers for my book. (Honesty is the best policy.) I figure why not make it interesting in the process? It's fun to do anyway."

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Reality versus Interpretation

Music is a profound mystery, as a creative artist I feel that if I know what I am doing, I am probably not doing not doing my job, I like to always be just outside of my comfort zone, asking new questions, exploring new territory, trying new things, occasionally discovering new sounds

John Luther Adams

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The joy and privilege of being a photographer


The Sartorialist from Amsterdam Worldwide on Vimeo.

This is a great little movie about being a photographer and enjoying the world we live in, the people we meet, the sights we see and the things we encounter. As photographers we get a chance to enjoy the world by being more present, by being observant and by being inquisitive.

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If you are thinking of buying a new camera, lens or any other piece of photography equipment, what are your goals, how do you think it will make your photos better? Will it make your photos more engaging, will that upgraded sensor really make a difference when a viewer sees your image from across the room. Watch the video and see what you think?

A Trip To The Hospital

I have said it many times, the people you meet through photography can lead you to surprising places and opportunities. Sometimes they get you involved in a project that winds up surprising you more than you expect as well.

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