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Noise Reduction That Works

NZ1015North American Harvard (T6- Texan)

To get the best out of any tool, there is always a learning curve. Most of us if we are honest try the easiest option first, especially if there is an auto button that works reasonably well. When I first tried Nik Define, that was how I used it, I clicked the "Auto" button. But was I really happy how it worked, no not really. I suppose I put it down to an older camera and the fact that you can reduce noise but not remove it. After all is noise really that bad? Well I still believe you can't remove noise totally but the results I get out of this tool are much better. So how do I do it, read on...

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Double Processing A RAW Image

Autumnal SunriseCentennial Drive, Palmerston North

Modern day software gives us tools to help us with all kinds of problems. From the software applications that run on our phones to the applications we use to process images, they give us the ability to things easier and faster. But easier and / or faster is not always better.

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Sunrise 4Ohawe Beach

Photography is both a technical and an artistic endeavor. If it was just a technical, then there would be just one way (the right way) to process an image. But it's not, there are a myriad of ways you can approach an image depending on what suits the image and communicates your intent.

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A New Technique for Astrophotography

Balancing light areas with dark areas is always a feature of high contrast scenes like this one captured a few weeks ago. But with interesting challenges, sometimes you chance upon new discoveries.

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Art of the Night

Had a lot of fun out tonight at The Art of Night - The Photography of Mark Gee event hosted by Mark Gee in Wellington. There were loads of people there, apparently 850+. In the end I wound up helping a few people to get better images of the night sky, I hope there was a lot of other people helping others out because for some this was their first attempt. I met Mark later in the night which was interesting.

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