Trying Something New

For the last couple of weeks I have been learning something new. Well kind of. I have always enjoyed making videos. But lacked the tools and understanding to create what I see in my mind. With the constant developments of new cameras and software, the cost of entry and capability means the tools are now less of an issue.

But the understanding part, that requires more than money or technology. That requires play, experimenting and investigation. It means learning to see in a slightly different way and it also means making loads of mistakes. In fact from some perspectives the more you push the 'envelope' whatever that means, the more mistakes you will make, the quicker you will learn. So mistakes can be seen to be milestone markers, that is unless you keep making the same ones, over and over again.

For instance the video above was from a warm calm sunset about a week ago. My aims for it were to test how well and easy the GoPro was to setup off my normal tripod using the new claw grip (answer very easy). To give me footage I could learn how to colour grade with (including testing the flat profile in the GoPro). To give me footage I could try both high speed and slow motion with (shot at full HD, 100FPS). The results from this have changed how my bag is laid out, so I can more easily access everything. I have also changed from HitFilm to Premiere because of its greater ability (including being able to process 2.7k and 4K). I have learnt about ramping time and some pretty cool tricks with colour grading. Have I mastered it yet, yeah right. But with each attempt I learn more.

Changing your perspective can be a great way to freshen up, and open up new possibilities. I keep going back to the walk up the Mangatepopo track in late autumn, as a pivotal moment. It's amazing what a four hour walk in the rain will achieve. It has led to the purchase of a new lens (since the 17-70mm was dropped I have spent too much time either trying to tell myself that the lens was fixed, only to be let down by weird focus issues occasionally, then wondering did we really need to replace it) because I now realise how important that range is. It has also led me to start working on a project which will take me probably about a year to do, and as part of that, the ability to make videos to support that would be great.

I also have another project which has been in my head for quite a while, which I will be working on, around the idea of "The space between the notes". Which is a development and reworking of this entry put into a competition in 2014 which won me two awards.

I don't really see myself as a vlogger, but who knows there might be vlogs along the way. Whatever happens, I will post them up here. Here's a little experimental timelapse I tried a few weeks back.