Double Processing A RAW Image

Autumnal SunriseCentennial Drive, Palmerston North

Modern day software gives us tools to help us with all kinds of problems. From the software applications that run on our phones to the applications we use to process images, they give us the ability to things easier and faster. But easier and / or faster is not always better.

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Storm Swept

Incoming StormMount Taranaki

The winds blow in, the clouds descend, the landscape darken and the rain falls. The moodiness of the landscape is dramatic and the atmosphere feels charged with energy. Most people head indoors but some, stay out to watch the show, to feel nature and see the beauty.


A Time for ReflectionNapier, New Zealand

Images that leave you with more questions than answers can be quite fun. In this case as the man stood there I wondered what is the man thinking, what lead him here and why is he alone? There just simply isn't enough information to answer these questions.

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The enemy of art is the absence of limitations. — ORSON WELLS

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An Hour Till Sunrise - April 2017

It's that time of the month again, time for another edition of our zine. After a month off while we moved house, April turned out to be an amazing month. The dramatic weather we have had this year continued. With two cyclones followed by a period of calm clear warmish weather, it was certainly an interesting time. Later in the month I manage to tick off an image I have been keen to get for the last two or three years, and that image became my most popular one on YouPic with over 10,000 views and over 250 likes, it even made the top 10 images on YouPic for that day.

Once again, this ezine looks best when you view it in full screen mode, so make sure you click on the full screen button.

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