Right Choice Tui

TuiPukawa Bay, Lake Taupo

Kids can be frustrating, funny, playful and sometimes quite profound and it can be quite interesting what they pass on to you. The primary school my kids attend has a bit of a tradition, on the last day of term, if the child hasn't got in to trouble then they get to go to right choice day. A celebration and reward for making the right choices through out the term.

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Windswept Kai Iwi

Incoming Tide 2Kai Iwi Beach, Wanganui

West coast beaches in New Zealand have a different nature to their eastern cousins. On a sunny peaceful day the beaches go on for miles, with the occasional interruption by a river or stream. On a stormy day the winds, rain and waves, drive into the coastline from the Tasman sea, in some cases the first landfall in thousands of kilometers.

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Cape Palliser: the video

A couple of weeks ago, our Camera Club (the Manawatu Camera Club) went for a weekend trip down to Cape Palliser. As part of the trip I shot some video along the way which I have put together into a video so that people who are thinking about coming on the next trip with us have an idea what it is like.

A Trip To The Hospital

I have said it many times, the people you meet through photography can lead you to surprising places and opportunities. Sometimes they get you involved in a project that winds up surprising you more than you expect as well.

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The Last Embers Of Daylight

Last Embers Of The Day 2Kupu's Sail, Cape Palliser

It's the end of our second day of the camera club's trip to the south eastern coast of the North Island. So often the last images are the best, and in this case with all of us heading out for dinner after sunset, the temptation to leave was higher than normal. But as the sun sank below the horizon and the clouds lit up a small group of us decided to hang on till the very last embers had faded.

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