F108 Taifun - Tauranga Air Show 2016

The F108 Taifun (a predecessor of the more well known ME-109) was flown both before and during World War Two by Germany. This was one of the aircraft I was really looking forward to seeing as I had never seen any of the German World War Two aircraft flown before. The sound was quite different to the allied aircraft I had seen before but not as different as I had imagined. The display that was put on at the Tauranga Air Show was based around a supposed angry pilot going and shooting down the other planes in a mock battle (this plane has been used in movies and has had gas jets added that sound like machine guns when fired) rather than a display of its handling characteristics. Because of this both times it flew the displays were quite short. Hopefully at Ohakea we might be able to tempt some other German aircraft to come along.

T6 Texan (Harvard) - Tauranga Air Show

Used as a trainer during World War Two, this plane has been used the world over in many roles including by display teams where that fantastic sound thrills the crowd.

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The Peacefulness And Beauty Of A Sunrise

Let's be honest they happen every day (with the exception of cloudy mornings of course) and yet with our busy daily lives most of us rarely get the time to enjoy how beautiful they can be. I suppose in some ways that is part of a landscape photographers job description, to capture these moments that other people miss and preserve them so that they can be enjoyed. For me there is no more relaxing time of the day that being out for a peaceful walk with my camera as the sun rises. I once heard another photographer express that sunrise is the start of a brand new day, where opportunities are found, choices can be made and mistakes are yet to be made. I guess I can identify with those sentiments but for me, the world has not woken yet, the busyness of the day has yet to start and instead this time to think, to enjoy and to just breathe. I hope some of this is conveyed in the photo below.

This image was captured at the base of the Mount at Mount Maunganui during our recent trip to the Tauranga Air Show. Despite the peacefulness of this image the sea was quite stormy, so much so that the breaking waves further down the beach were two to three meters tall and covered with surfers.

TBM Avenger - Tauranga Air Show 2016

This aircraft won't win any beauty awards but it was a very effective design brought into service just after the attack at Pearl Harbour. Named the Avenger to hint at its role for the next four years, this carrier bourne torpedo bomber was loved by the crews that flew in them and feared by those who it hunted.

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Moments Of Silence

One of the traditions I have developed at the end of each year, is to look at the images I have created. I do this to see what lessons I can learn, where I should invest more time and energy, the kinds of topics and themes that have surfaced and how I can build on this for the coming year. Every time I do this I am amazed at how beneficial it is.

This year I decided to compile some of my favorite landscape images into a slideshow as a way of seeing the images. The first thing I noticed was the feeling of silence in many of the images, of peace. I remember reading an article about Michael Kenna where he talked about how he liked to compose his images so that they felt like a stage for the viewer to investigate and walk around in their imagination. I like this idea as it brings the viewer into a more active and engaging role. In his images I often get a similar feeling of silence, I'm not saying my images should be compared to the masterpieces the Michael Kenna has created but this kind of idea is something I would like to develop more.

Here is the slideshow I created, I hope you enjoy the images:

Some Thoughts On Photography As Art

While I have been on holiday I have been thinking about the age old debate of whether a photograph can be a piece of art or not. This debate is not new and I have even heard that painting went through the same debate when it began to be taken more seriously by both its creators and the established artists of the day. So why is this debate so hard to decide either one way or the another.

So why do people believe so passionately that photography should or should not be considered an art form. Like any debate there are many angles to consider. I think the first angle that the people who believe it is not art take is the commonality of the medium. After all who doesn't have a camera on them these days with the prevalence of smart phones.

So lets look at this, why should an item be considered art? What aspects, characteristics does a piece need to be considered art? What separates a piece of art from other creative works or are all creative works art? You can be creative writing SQL, cooking food or planning a vacation but that doesn't make it art, does it?

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Social Meeeedia

This is a really interesting view on social media and how it could / should be used, from who else but Zack Arias

Projects, new skills and a new website

I really enjoy projects, they are great ways to explore and learn. Don't get me wrong, when you are mired in the middle of all the work and challenges they can be tough and the desire to give up can be quite tempting. But when you reach the end, the work and struggle, the effort is worth it. So why do I enjoy them, I love to learn new skills and hone the ones I already have. Projects also give us new opportunities to learn about ourselves, the people and friends that we have and the world that surrounds us. They are also a great way to fight against my natural lazy tendencies.

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