A Trip To The Hospital

I have said it many times, the people you meet through photography can lead you to surprising places and opportunities. Sometimes they get you involved in a project that winds up surprising you more than you expect as well.

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The Last Embers Of Daylight

Last Embers Of The Day 2Kupu's Sail, Cape Palliser

It's the end of our second day of the camera club's trip to the south eastern coast of the North Island. So often the last images are the best, and in this case with all of us heading out for dinner after sunset, the temptation to leave was higher than normal. But as the sun sank below the horizon and the clouds lit up a small group of us decided to hang on till the very last embers had faded.

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Interislander Ferry Passing Point Halswell Lighthouse

Interislander Ferry Passing Point Halswell Lighthouse v3Located at the northern end of the Miramar Peninsula, the Point Halswell lighthouse helps ships navigate the entrance to Wellington Harbour.

There are many places around New Zealand which are known to be photogenic, to be frank it's a beautiful country. But often when going to these locations, people say it can be harder to make an image because of the images that have been created there before. I'm not too sure I buy into this myth, as James Stephens says “Originality does not consist in saying what no one has ever said before, but in saying exactly what you think yourself” or in other words spend some time thinking about the scene in front of you, shoot what interests you, and don't just go for the obvious shot.

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Only Reflected Light

Only Reflected LightCrowded by taller buildings, and by progress...

One of Kelly's favorite subjects to photograph is architecture, so it's always fun to have a wander around the streets of Wellington and enjoy the various forms there. To see how they compete for light, space, recognition and status. What does this say about our world, our priorities and our belief's?

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Romance in the Cloud

Those sensational sunsets where the whole sky is filled with red and yellow are the ones that grab everyones attention, are nice. But more and more I have begun to notice how much I prefer photographing the sunsets that are filled with soft pinks and blues, they feel quieter, more reflective and peaceful in images. Why do I prefer these, I am not sure, maybe it is just a phase that will move on.

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