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Quick March2018 Art Deco Weekend, Napier

The past few weeks have been dominated by moving house and all the associated hassles. So for today's post I thought I would share an image from the Art Deco Festival a few weeks ago.

Brebner Print Memorial Flying Displays - Roaring Forties NZ1057

A Well Earned RestRoaring Forties Display Team, Art Deco Weekend 2018

The second plane we will feature from the flying displays at the art deco weekend in Napier, is the 1943 North American AT-6C Harvard IIA NZ1057. On the Saturday we photographed the display, NZ1057 performed a lot of the solo elements of the display, drawing ooh's and ahh's from the crowds below. All the while that trademark growl of the engine filled the sky as the planes powered through the air.

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Brebner Print Memorial Flying Displays - Roaring Forties NZ1065

Centre Of AttentionRoaring Forties Display Team, Art Deco Weekend 2018

Last weekend we made our way to Napier to enjoy the fun and beauty on show at Art Deco Weekend in Napier. One of the feature attractions, is the planes that make their way to be part of the flying displays. Over the next few posts I want to present the images we captured of the talented Roaring Forties Display team. But rather than show all the plane images at once I thought it would be more fun to show this team plane by plane.

So for this post lets start with the beautifully presented North American AT-6D Harvard III, NZ1065. This is a great example of this classic air trainer, painted in the Red Checkers colour scheme it once represented New Zealand in.

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A Macro Ring, A Nifty Fifty and A Flash - Macro Photography On A Budget

Do you remember as a child, the joy of wandering around the garden with a magnifying glass, discovering beauty on a different level.The detail, the intricacy, the alien-ness of this world. Well that world still exists and better still, our modern cameras can capture that beauty with a few small additions. Think you need a dedicated and expensive macro lens, think again, you may even have most of what you already need.

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The Peacefulness of Sunrise

Soft Morning LightBlack Reef, Hawkes Bay

There is nothing quite like being on a beach at sunrise. The gentle sound of the waves rolling into and off the beach. The sea birds wheeling above, calling out to the others as the sun rises. As Simon and I walked along the beach towards Cape Kidnappers, we found this sea stack. What a beautiful place to watch the sunrise. That's one of the things I love about photography, how it gives you licence to enjoy the simple things both while you are there and later.