Out Near The Cape

Cape KidnappersHawkes Bay

Anything more than 500 yds from the car just isn't photogenic. - Brett Weston

The best landscape images are not always when the sky is on fire or the peace of the blue hour leaves stills the world. If the landscape only looked great around sunrise and sunset then why can it take our breath away, just simply driving around a corner. Landscape images show us the world in all its moods and find the beauty within them.

Ten Thousand Steps To Sunrise

Dawn ColourCape Kidnappers, Hawkes Bay

That might seem like an exaggeration right, a bit of poetic licence to make a cool title? Maybe I meant, it was ten thousand steps, including the return trip, that would be slightly more sane wouldn't it? Nope, according to Simon's pedometer it was pretty close, it may have even been a few more who knows? So how did we wind up walking so far before sunrise, we decided to walk out to Cape Kidnappers from Clifton. According to the website, that's about eight to nine kilometers, depending on where you stop. With the tides and the time of sunrise factored in, we hoped we would have just enough time. In the end, I doubt we could have left any earlier as we had to wait every now and then to let the tide recede enough for us to continue to walk out.

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JB 1236

JB 1236Wanganui

JB 1236 steaming up at the Wanganui Vintage Weekend

Titan T-51 Mustang (ZK-TVG)

Banking PassTitan T-51 Mustang (ZK-TVG)

Not everyone can afford the huge price of a genuine World War Two aircraft, but that doesn't mean the dream isn't there. Enter the replicas, they look like the genuine article, but just a little bit smaller. These 3/4 scale planes certainly grab the crowds attention.

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PZL-104 Wilga 35

Landing - Wanganui AerodomePZL-104 Wilga 35 (ZK-PZN)

In contrast to the de Havilland DH-112 Venom that roared through the afternoon sky, this powerful little plane was designed for another purpose. Short take off's, towing and the ability to fly so slowly, these are the strengths of this strong little Polish plane. Produced from the early sixties till 2006, is a testament to the success of this design.

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