2017 Air Tattoo

At the end of February, the Royal New Zealand Air Force celebrated their 80th year of service by hosting a two day air show at the Ohakea Air Base. With aircraft from several nations (including the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, France) joining in, the event promised to be a great chance to see some new aircraft. Despite a rather fickle summer so far, the weekend was held under mostly clear blue skies with the hot summer sun beaming down.

While most people have less than fond memories of the air show held there 5 years ago, for me I had a great time. Thanks to a bunch of pro photographers who gave me some hints and tips along the way I came away with images which I was very happy with and I learn't a lot.

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A birthday Treat

This year for my birthday I decided for my birthday, since it was on a weekend, that we would make a weekend of it and go to our favorite bach. We took along some friends and made our way through the clearing showers to the bach.

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Tawhai Falls

Tawhai FallsTongariro National Park

Tawhai falls lies on the lower western slopes on Mount Ruapehu. A 13 meter high water fall followed by a small series of rapids, this is a very popular water fall to visit and photograph. The track is well maintained and the car park is only 10 minutes up the track.

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Sunrise on Mount Ruapehu

NgarahoeTongariro National Park

I have often been asked what is the difference between the light at sunrise and the light at sunset, aren't they kind of the same? Being an early riser by nature, I have always enjoyed the stillness of sunrise. The atmosphere, washed clean by the dew overnight, is clear and because of this the colours are more saturated.

Last weekend we decided to head up to Mount Ruapehu for sunrise. The hope was with the sun rising further towards the south, we might be able to see the first rays of sunlight hitting the southern side of Mount Ngauruhoe. To make the journey up to Ruapehu in time for sunrise (around 6:20am) we decided to leave Wanganui by 4 am.

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A long weekend at Castlepoint

Castlepoint is a beautiful place to visit, but not for pretty gardens or a great night life. This is rugged New Zealand, where the forces of nature have left there marks on the landscape. Between the power of the ocean and the wind, this place can vary from the serene beautiful holiday spot with great beaches for swimming, to howling gales, driving rain and huge sea swells.

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