Owhiro Bay

Owhiro BayWellington

For the last morning of our trip to Kapiti coast and Wellington, Les and I decided to head for Owhiro Bay near the Red Rocks Reserve. All throughout the weekend the south coast of Wellington had paid dividends, so this looked like a great option. But despite a beautiful colourful display to the east when we arrived, the sky never really lit up.

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Seatoun Wharf Sunrise

Seatoun WharfWellington

Sometimes you look for new angles, new compositions and dramatic light. Sometimes you just have to shoot the classics. A shell strewn beach, a beautiful wharf stretching out into the bay, reaching towards the hills on the other side. The strong lines, the soft water, the textures, a classic shot. A beautiful way to spend a half an hour as we watched the sun rise.

Last Light

Last Light{encarrow Heads, Wellington

In April 1968 the Wahine, a ferry which carried passengers between the North and South Islands of New Zealand, sank on the passage into Wellington Harbour. In the end fifty three people lost their lives in the disaster, and this remains New Zealand's worst modern maritime disaster.

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The Drama Of Silence

The Drama Of Silence V2Point Halswell Lighthouse, Wellington

The quote everyone knows about photography is 'The camera never lies!'. In one sense that is true, but in many others it rarely tells the truth. Why can both possibilities be true. The answer is because photography is an expressive art form, as all art is. What I mean by that is that the photographer can express through his or her print, both what is occurring in the physical world (the world outside the camera) and the internal world of the photographer (their emotions, thoughts, beliefs, likes and dislikes). This is why you can take a number of photographers to the same location and each produce images that are different to the others.

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F-15SG Strike Eagle

F-15SG Strike EagleOhakea Air Base, Manawatu. New Zealand

Captured back in February here is one of the two F-15SG Strike Eagles put on display by the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) during the RNZAF Air Tattoo 2017.