And The Rain Fell

Rain Lashes The TararuasManawatu

With a hot summer, comes thunderstorms. When the day starts out humid, the temperature soars to 28 by 10am, and thunderstorms watches are issued, you know you could be in for a stormy day. Too soon the sky went dark with the first wave of thunderstorms, and the thunder begins to shake the clouds. A heavy downpour did little to drop the temperature, and even after the rumbles continued. All this before 1pm?

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2017 - Review

It's hard to believe another year has passed. 2017 was a fun, sometimes frenetic, often busy year. With its passing, there is now a chance to take a moment over the break reflect, to look back at the year that has been. Why do we feel the need to do this, maybe it's all the review programmes on TV, or it's the same urge that drives people to make resolutions on New Years eve, I'm not really sure. But it is a tradition I have developed over the last four or five years. Reviewing the images I have captured over the year, looking at what I have enjoyed, what has worked well, and what I can learn going forward? 

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Stormy Summer Sunrise

Stormy Summer SunriseBastia Hill Water Tower

Photography is about those perfect moments, where light and subject meet. Where within the boundaries of the frame, the viewer is invited into another world for just a moment. To evoke memories in the viewer, and bring the viewers other senses into play. These are lofty goals, ones we rarely achieve, but goals never the less we should aim for.

I love early morning walks and with the hot humid mornings at the moment, the cool morning air is so beautiful and refreshing. The other morning I decided to go for a quick walk after waking to a brief shower of rain. The image at the top of the post was the sight that greeted me at the end of road, as I looked out over Wanganui. The amber colour of the dawn sky was streaked with rain falling from the clouds above. With the smell of rain in the air, it was a beautiful sight. The contrast between the soft forms of nature and the sharp lines and shapes of the buildings below. I am so glad I brought the camera with me.  

A Bit Of Fun For Christmas


The Christmas season is upon us, and a merry Christmas to you all. I hope the season has bought you and your loved ones, joy and fun times. As we take a moment to celebrate, it has struck me this year more than most, the huge variation there is in our culture. From the it's just another day approach, to those who go all out. Of course there is no right way, we each have our traditions and with the cycle of life they ebb and flow. But thinking about it this year, the people who just see it as another day, are they the same people who feel as if each day is a strange version of groundhog day. By celebrating, putting some effort into the festivals that occur during the year, we are adding a daub of colour to life.

Two Worlds

A Great Way To Start The Day