Tui On The Flax Bush

Tui Feeding On A Flax Flower

On Trend

On Trend

Are there words and phrases that just drive you crazy."On trend" is one of ours. I mean what does it mean, maybe its... if you want to look like everyone else, buy these. Or is the latest marketing spiel that tries to convince you that what you currently have is no longer good enough. In our pressured, time limited life, complexity is bad and simplicity good. Marketers take advantage of this and try to "simplify" our decisions for us, buy this and your life will be better. When it comes to Christmas, this message goes into overdrive.

So why has phrases like "On trend" become so popular, maybe fashionable is no longer trendy, maybe modern is now a little old hat or stylish has become a little lame. Language like everything else in our culture is running on a conveyor belt where new is better and thought is not always necessary. At least that is the case in the mosh pit that attracts the media. But like any river the noiser bits that attract all the attention are the generally the shallower areas.

Thank goodness there are other voices, other opinions. They add colour to our society and depth to our culture. By giving us contrast they challenge our way of thinking and open new possibilities. Now don't get me wrong I am not suggesting that the image above shows a new trend I think should be pursued, frankly I don't have the legs for it. The reason I captured the image above is the way the performer used the rules of fashion against themselves to help add another facet to her character. By thinking outside of the box, in fact so far out of it that she may have needed binoculars to see the fore mentioned box, she used her clothing in a creative thoughtful way.

Maybe that is why the phrase "On trend" drives me batty, because in it's current usage, it implies that thought is best left to someone else, the need to follow every little trend is where you should focus your attention. That form outweighs things like function, quality or thoughtful design. Where marketers are the prophets and sages of our society, the ones we look to when we make important decisions. Is that a world you would enjoy?

Just a thought....   

Owhiro Bay

Owhiro BayWellington

For the last morning of our trip to Kapiti coast and Wellington, Les and I decided to head for Owhiro Bay near the Red Rocks Reserve. All throughout the weekend the south coast of Wellington had paid dividends, so this looked like a great option. But despite a beautiful colourful display to the east when we arrived, the sky never really lit up.

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Seatoun Wharf Sunrise

Seatoun WharfWellington

Sometimes you look for new angles, new compositions and dramatic light. Sometimes you just have to shoot the classics. A shell strewn beach, a beautiful wharf stretching out into the bay, reaching towards the hills on the other side. The strong lines, the soft water, the textures, a classic shot. A beautiful way to spend a half an hour as we watched the sun rise.

Last Light

Last Light{encarrow Heads, Wellington

In April 1968 the Wahine, a ferry which carried passengers between the North and South Islands of New Zealand, sank on the passage into Wellington Harbour. In the end fifty three people lost their lives in the disaster, and this remains New Zealand's worst modern maritime disaster.

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