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The Colours Of Spring

TuiColombo Road, Massey University

Our lives are busy, there is no two ways about it. So when there is a chance, it's always good to get out with the camera, even if it is only for a few minutes.

Tui On The Flax Bush

Tui Feeding On A Flax Flower


In the rain

Spring is not all fine days and blue skies, the storms and rain are part of the mix as well. But the warmer days and water bring growth to the gardens and trees which in turn brings more food for the insects and birds. On rainy days like today, the bird song fills the backyard as they search for nectar, insects and anything else edible.

Right Choice Tui

TuiPukawa Bay, Lake Taupo

Kids can be frustrating, funny, playful and sometimes quite profound and it can be quite interesting what they pass on to you. The primary school my kids attend has a bit of a tradition, on the last day of term, if the child hasn't got in to trouble then they get to go to right choice day. A celebration and reward for making the right choices through out the term.

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