Two Storms Converge

Two Thunderstorms ConvergingManawatu

With eight of the last fifteen days having highs over twenty eight degrees, the Manawatu is looking a little brown. The only respite in the heat has been the thunder storms that have ranged across the landscapes from time to time. Last Saturday, we watched as four separate waves of thunderstorms surged towards the west coast.

From the highest point on Watershed Road, we watched as this, the third storm rushed towards us. Seeing the dry land in front of the storm, and knowing the violence to come, it was beautiful to watch. Don't get me wrong, one thunderstorm will not take away the dryness, but for a day or two the grass will be greener, the animals happier.

We hoped that the storms would either go past us to the east and over the gorge, or to the west of us down the ranges.If they did we could watch as they passed, safe from the storms fury. But instead the two storms both headed straight for us. As we watched, the big rain shafts moved closer together, closing the window between, and the distance to us. Maybe it was the fact they were getting closer, but the shafts seemed to be getting broader, darker, more intense.

As the two storms merged a clap of thunder exploded too close to us, to be safe. It was time to get out of dodge as they say. We jumped into the ute and drove off as the rain began to fall.