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Post Processing As A Conversation - Part Two

The Drama Of Silence V2Point Halswell Lighthouse, Wellington

Building on the thoughts from my last blog post, conversations are fragile, tenuous things. They are influenced easily, by the people having the conversation, the environment or even the knowledge available. Can you think back to a conversation that you would wish to have again? One that could have gone better if only....?

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Stormy Summer Sunrise

Stormy Summer SunriseBastia Hill Water Tower

Photography is about those perfect moments, where light and subject meet. Where within the boundaries of the frame, the viewer is invited into another world for just a moment. To evoke memories in the viewer, and bring the viewers other senses into play. These are lofty goals, ones we rarely achieve, but goals never the less we should aim for.

I love early morning walks and with the hot humid mornings at the moment, the cool morning air is so beautiful and refreshing. The other morning I decided to go for a quick walk after waking to a brief shower of rain. The image at the top of the post was the sight that greeted me at the end of road, as I looked out over Wanganui. The amber colour of the dawn sky was streaked with rain falling from the clouds above. With the smell of rain in the air, it was a beautiful sight. The contrast between the soft forms of nature and the sharp lines and shapes of the buildings below. I am so glad I brought the camera with me.  

Tui On The Flax Bush

Tui Feeding On A Flax Flower


In the rain

Spring is not all fine days and blue skies, the storms and rain are part of the mix as well. But the warmer days and water bring growth to the gardens and trees which in turn brings more food for the insects and birds. On rainy days like today, the bird song fills the backyard as they search for nectar, insects and anything else edible.

Double Processing A RAW Image

Autumnal SunriseCentennial Drive, Palmerston North

Modern day software gives us tools to help us with all kinds of problems. From the software applications that run on our phones to the applications we use to process images, they give us the ability to things easier and faster. But easier and / or faster is not always better.

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