Making Better Landscape Images

Blue and Pink v3Castlepoint Lighthouse, Wairarapa

Most people have taken an image of a beautiful scene in front of them, only to be disappointed when they saw the finished image. This can be confusing and frustrating. Landscape photography looks easy, after all hasn't nature done all the work already? In some ways yes but there is so much more to it.

Recently I have been reading a really interesting book on how to improve your landscape images called "The Art, Science, and Craft of Great Landscape Photography" by Glenn Randall (available as either an ebook or printed book from Amazon But rather than being yet another book about the basics this book goes into many subjects other books barely cover and some topics I have never seen discussed before (like predicting where rainbows will appear in the landscape). As the title suggests this books looks at the three main areas the author believes you need to grow in to make better images.

In the science aspect, the author looks at how you can predict conditions by looking how these conditions are created. Combined with scouting, learning the signs to look for on maps and other tools you can increase your chances to find and exploit the right conditions. 

I have already started to put this into practice, I look forward to sharing the results with you.