The Colours of Dawn

With the large number of apps available for our phones these days we can keep up to date with the going's on of the world and the heavens. I have always had an interest in astronomy, both the science and the beauty of the sky. When I was 18 the astronomy club I was part of in conjunction with Air New Zealand took tourists out to see halley's comet as it swung by earth.

This week we have been on holiday and with the beautiful clear weather we have been having I noticed earlier in the week the brightness of venus in the morning sky. I have an app on my android phone called Mobile Observatory which has a great feature called Events. Events is a list of the best night sky events coming in the next week. So with clear early morning skies, I decided to see what the possibilities were. It turned out that later in the week the moon and Venus would appear very close together in the morning sky.

On the night before the event I set my alarm for 5am and hoped the sky would be clear. Well the alarm went off, I got out of bed, wandered outside with the camera and tripod, and five minutes later the shot was in the bag. All the work was really done in the planning and preparation. I guess fortune may favor the brave but an ounce of preparation can be worth a pound bravery if the conditions are right.