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Storm Swept

Incoming StormMount Taranaki

The winds blow in, the clouds descend, the landscape darken and the rain falls. The moodiness of the landscape is dramatic and the atmosphere feels charged with energy. Most people head indoors but some, stay out to watch the show, to feel nature and see the beauty.


MatesPatea Breakwater

A couple of weeks ago we went out to Patea as a storm system began to roll in, to capture the big seas and breaking waves. But we weren't the only ones, in fact there was probably 15-20 people at the beach while we there. It's no wonder really, it's an impressive site to see, to feel, both relaxing and invigorating.

But there was one group who were making better use of the conditions than most. A group of teenage surfers were making the best of the conditions as the tide reached it's peak and then began to move out. I couldn't help but be drawn to thinking about the influence friends (or as we are more likely to say in Kiwi-ish 'mates) have in our lives.

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Papa Rock Patterns

Papa RockKai Iwi Beach, Wanganui

Beaches are ever changing, the sand gets moved from one area to another, debris gets washed up then washed away. The rocks change as well, weathered by the storms and the waves they take on interesting shapes and patterns, revealing the destructive forces at play.

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RainbowHawkes Bay

This year has been one of extremes, hot sunshine to cyclones, and that new go to media phrase, weather bombs has been mentioned a few times. These rains have left the landscape far greener than normal for this time of year and with all the added grass growth there will be more feed for the animals as we head into winter.

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Downpour 2The beauty of a rain storm

New Zealand, located in the south pacific has an active and dynamic climate, or as we like to say changeable. When changeable can be anything from hot and dry to blowing a gale with horizontal rain, all in the same day. This is so commonplace that one of the iconic songs of the 90's had in it's lyrics the refrain "four seasons in one day". This is one of the reasons New Zealand is such a beautiful place to photograph, the drama the storms bring to the landscape means that they are forever changing.

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