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The Peacefulness of Sunrise

Soft Morning LightBlack Reef, Hawkes Bay

There is nothing quite like being on a beach at sunrise. The gentle sound of the waves rolling into and off the beach. The sea birds wheeling above, calling out to the others as the sun rises. As Simon and I walked along the beach towards Cape Kidnappers, we found this sea stack. What a beautiful place to watch the sunrise. That's one of the things I love about photography, how it gives you licence to enjoy the simple things both while you are there and later.

Two Worlds

A Great Way To Start The Day

Ohawe Beach

Ohawe Beach SunriseTaranaki

On Saturday morning Les headed to one of Tim Bond's favorite beaches. The images he has been posting of this area are stunning, so we thought it was time to try it for ourselves. Our hope was to catch the first rays of sunlight before the storm promised in the forecast descended. Through the side window of the truck I could see in the near dark skies that the clouds were looking heavy but hadn't lowered as much as I might have expected.

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Autumn Sunrise

Kawhatau ValleyMorning sunlight lights up the valley

The change from summer to autumn brings with it later sunrises, clearer skies, drama and a more colourful landscape. All the things photographers look for. Whether it be beautiful sunrises like this or more dramatic weather like this weekend, summer maybe warm and great but for photographers the cooler months are what we look forward to photographing.

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Sunrise on Mount Ruapehu

NgarahoeTongariro National Park

I have often been asked what is the difference between the light at sunrise and the light at sunset, aren't they kind of the same? Being an early riser by nature, I have always enjoyed the stillness of sunrise. The atmosphere, washed clean by the dew overnight, is clear and because of this the colours are more saturated.

Last weekend we decided to head up to Mount Ruapehu for sunrise. The hope was with the sun rising further towards the south, we might be able to see the first rays of sunlight hitting the southern side of Mount Ngauruhoe. To make the journey up to Ruapehu in time for sunrise (around 6:20am) we decided to leave Wanganui by 4 am.

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